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The owner
Jenny Ljungberg is a third generation entrepreneur with a passion for hotel living. Born in Stockholm and educated in Brussels and New York, she is a global citizen with a passion for hotel living and an ambition and mission to create 20 unique lifestyle hotels in both popular and unexplored destinations all over the world. Since the 1940’s when her grandfather Tage built his first villa, the core business of the Ljungberg family has been property development and management. The family has a longstanding history of (restoring or recreating) properties they love, preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

There are several hotel properties within the family’s portfolio. Jenny’s passion for preserving historic buildings, especially those who have had eccentric owners, and her genuine interest in the hotel industry, and flair for combining the old with the new, all led Jenny to launch c/o Hotels and bring her family’s hotel business to a new level. She has a solid experience in the hotel industry after almost 20 years in the business.

Jenny has been the proud owner and creative director of c/o Hotels since 1997. She fell in love with New York City as a teenager and now also calls it home.


The Ljungberg Family

Tage Ljungberg (1912–2007) grew up on a farm in the Swedish province of Småland.

  • Received a scholarship to study in Stockholm and and mowed to the Swedish capital in 1938.
  • Started out his career by rebuilding “Stockholmstidningen” for Torsten Kreuger (who had been the previous owner of Häringe palace) and moved onto building residential villas in the affluent suburb of Stocksund. Tage was weary of risk and did not like to rely too much on banks. He built a solid family business that relied on ethics and long-term clients. As an example he partnered with Sweden’s most luxurious hotel Grand Hotel in Stockholm for 26 years.
  • Tage passed away at 95 years of age at which point he was still living in the villa he himself built for his family in 1947.
  • He relished the idea that his grandchildren were active in the firm as well and kept a scrapbook of all things written about his companies.


Åke Ljungberg started his career within the firm by being part of the construction of “Ölandsbron”.

  • First project - construction of an office and apartment complex in Stockholm in 1972.
  • Replaced father as CEO in 1983.
  • Took the company public as LjungbergGruppen (which merged and became AtriumLjungberg in 2007) and increased its turnover ten times.
  • Leveraged his risk prone behavior as well as generous capital markets and expanded the business through involvements in hotels, restaurants, boats, bridges, planes, ferries and oil rigs in addition to the core business of real estate development.
  • Globalized the company with its first international subsidiary in the US in 1987.
  • Åke now lives in Danderyd in the villa he himself built for his family in 1975.

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  • I'm an artist living in New York

    I'm an artist living in New York


  • New deluxe rooms at c/o Krägga Mansion

    New deluxe rooms at c/o Krägga Mansion

    We are proud to announce the addition of three brand new deluxe rooms at c/o Krägga Herrgård. Designed by Nadia Tolstoy, the rooms have distinct interiors attributed to the great Swedish personalities Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman and Ingmar Bergman. read more >>