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Whether you seek a cozy getaway, a dashing daytrip or a romantic break – your time will be well spent at one of the eclectic hotels within the c/o Hotels family. Treat yourself with an elegant Afternoon Tea at c/o Häringe Palace, curl up in front of the fireplace with your favorite magazine at c/o The Maidstone or enjoy a perfectly composed seven course dinner at c/o Grythyttan Inn.

c/o Hotels takes immense care in converting historic landmarks into unique destinations. Each one of our hotels combines classical ambience with modern convenience. No two properties and no two rooms are ever alike.

Each property is designed to offer a completely unique and authentic experience. We operate a variety of international properties, ranging from c/o The Maidstone in the Hamptons to the 17th century Häringe Palace in Stockholm, Sweden. Wherever you see our name worldwide, you can expect sophistication, creativity and the utmost respect for nature and our fellow human beings.

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