Interior Designers at Care Of Design Hotels Sweden


Här presenteras några av de designers vi jobbar ihop med för att du ska uppleva något alldeles särskilt när du bor hos oss. Varje gång.

Nadia Tolstoy - Apparat

Is there anything that can be called the perfect match? Well, if you as us at c/o Hotels the answer is: Of course there is! The cooperation with the Stockholm based designer Nadia Tolstoy is nothing more than a success. Nadia Tolstoy has created an “historical modern” interior design at the Maidstone that combines the Swedish design heritage (Carl Malmsten and Joseph Frank etc) with the classic “Hamptonesque” aesthetic. As a designer Nadia Tolstoy is not a slave under trends but has a burning curiosity of the world that surrounds her and she loves to mix old and new, rough with smooth. To experience more of Nadias work you are always welcome to check in at c/o The Maidstone or check out her blog at
Currently Nadia is working on the renovations of fabulous rooms in c/o Krägga Mansion and c/o Grythyttan Inn.


Pontus Djanaieff

Are you having a laugh? If so, you are in good company with multi-talent designer Pontus Djanaieff. His career has taken many twists and turns, from designer, to hosting television and radio shows, to being in the elite of Swedish comedy and then back to design again. As a designer Pontus mixes high and low, old and new, but always with a good portion of wittiness and elegance. He believes that as much as staying in a hotel should be a nice and comfy experience, it’s also is about being entertained. No matter what mood you are when you check in to one of his creations, we promise that you will shine like one happy cloud when you check out – experience it for yourself in Pontus’ Gentleman’s Wing at c/o Häringe Palace.


Sandra Planeta – Planeta Design

Sandra Planeta’s profession is her passion. She surprises and delights with sophisticated solutions and she thrives when faced with a tricky design or packaging challenge.
Sandra has worked with major brands such as The Body Shop Intl, KIMIA, Brio and Shanghai Tang. Her years in Hong Kong, New York and London have provided her with massive experience, much needed when creating successful new concepts, brand identities, strategies and packaging solutions for an international market. Today, Sandra leads a full-service creative agency in Stockholm. 
The c/o graphic profile is attributed to Sandra and her team, ranging from beautiful letter heads and exquisite packaging to quirky characters on our very own products.


Elle Kunnos de Voss - Meterics Design Group

Elle Kunnos de Voss is the Creative Director and Co-founder of New York based Metrics Design Group.  She has completed hospitality projects in the US, Asia and Europe of which some of the most notable include chef John Fraser's high profile restaurant What Happens When and chef Terence Brennan's large scale restaurant Bar Artisanal in New York, boutique hotel Park Lane Residence in Beijing and Denmark's first House of Literature in Copenhagen. Swedish Elle Kunnos de Voss was brought on board as a design consultant for c/o The Maidstone. With her hospitality design experiences in New York and Scandinavia she was a natural addition to the team.


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  • New deluxe rooms at c/o Krägga Mansion

    New deluxe rooms at c/o Krägga Mansion

    We are proud to announce the addition of three brand new deluxe rooms at c/o Krägga Herrgård. Designed by Nadia Tolstoy, the rooms have distinct interiors attributed to the great Swedish personalities Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman and Ingmar Bergman. read more >>

  • I'm an artist living in New York

    I'm an artist living in New York


  • Art Exhibit at the Mansion

    Art Exhibit at the Mansion

    We are excited to announce the opening of an exciting new art exhibit at c/o Tammsvik Mansion. The 'Waste Collection' exhibit grants an insight into the lives of 'Zabbaleen', Cairo's informal garbage collectors, and confronts us with growing waste mountains as a global environmental problem. read more >>