Wine Club at Care Of Hotels

Afternoon Tea

We are proud to introduce a fabulously elegant Afternoon Tea at c/o Hotels. With the yummiest pastries, Slow Food sandwiches & delicate c/o Hotel teas. Add champagne for the most glamourous experience! Afternoon Tea is served in the parlors at c/o Häringe Palace, c/o Krägga Mansion and c/o Grythyttan Inn. Price: 290 SEK/person.

For the best Afternoon Tea experience, please call +46 8 400 523 10 to reserve a table.

PS. Afternoon Tea was invented in the mid 19th century by Anna Russell, 7th Duchess of Bedford. She was so very impatient that she just couldn’t wait for dinner and already ordered little sandwiches & cookies in the afternoon! It may have been controversial at the time, but has become a much loved indulgence. Especially at c/o Hotels.

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    New deluxe rooms at c/o Krägga Mansion

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