About c/o Grythyttans Inn Business Hotel Near Orebro, Sweden


A stay at c/o Grythyttan Inn is the perfect 4 star hotel in Sweden for guests to thoroughly unwind at. Lounge in one of our salons and read that best-seller you’ve been looking forward to, muse over our extensive art collection, take a stroll through the surrounding historic village, or sneak away for a mid-day nap. Or, perhaps you’ll be tempted to try one of these other activities offered at our 4 star hotel near Orebro:

  • Experience the healing benefits of a traditional Swedish sauna—complimentary for all guests
  • Spoil yourself with one of our special spa treatments including hot chocolate full body massage, herbal stamp massage, The Cinderella facial, The Golden Harmony facial mask etc. Call us for reservations!
  • Kick off the weekend with a tour and tasting at our wine cellar—an unforgettable experience, every Friday afternoon.
  • Attend a Saturday evening wine tasting and expand your knowledge of the harmony between food and wine—our specialty.
  • Peruse our mouth-watering room service menu and then have a feast in your private room—pyjamas optional


Well-behaved and well-groomed dogs (and cats) are always welcome at all c/o Hotels! Dogs are welcome in at least one lobby/salon at each hotel as well as in a wide selection of hotel rooms.

They are even welcome in some of our dining rooms, so that you can enjoy your meals together just like you would have done at home. Our celebrated chefs have created a special woof menu with delicious dog treats.

Room rates for dogs are 300 SEK per night.


A spa treatment at c/o Grythyttans Gästgivaregård equals total relaxation for body and mind. Our love of food naturally reflects on our selection of spa treatments - enjoy a warm chocolate body wrap, herbal massage and detox with caffeine! Download and view the spa treatment menus below and when you have made up your mind, call us to book on +46 591 633 00.

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