History of c/o Grythyttans Inn


Grythyttan’s inn was first established in 1640 by orders from Queen Kristina. She demanded there should be an Inn every 70 km throughout her nations main roads. They had to be equipped to lodge the three classes; nobility, merchants and workers and have room for at least 24 horses.

In 1905 the railway came to Grythyttan and the Railway hotel outclassed the inn that then began a not very charming journey to the end. In 1973 it was closed and the buildings in such bad shape the council meeting had proposed to tear it all down to make room for a new supermarket with a huge parking lot. This suggestion was only one vote away from becoming a reality. Instead the local history society with Arthur Lindqvist and Yngve Henriksson leading the way, started the quest to find a restaurateur who could bring this inn in the middle of the woods back to its former glory. They were turned down by numerous talents who thought the idea to create a gourmet center so far away from the cities was insane and bound to fail. Luckily a young man named Carl Jan Granqvist did not think so. On the contrary. In Carl Jan’s world nothing is impossible which he has proven over and over again. After 25 years as the innovative innkeeper he sold the inn to Jenny Ljungberg, another young entrepreneur who is now continuing to develop and nurture our inn with the same enthusiasm and innovation that has long been the trademark of c/o Grythyttans Gästgivaregård.

Jenny Ljungberg bought c/o Grythyttans Gästgivaregård in 1999 and it is now part of the exclusive chain of historic hotels called c/o hotels, which also includes c/o Häringe Palace, c/o Tammsvik Herrgård, c/o Krägga Herrgård, c/o Villa Mälargården as well as c/o The Maidstone in East Hampton, USA.

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