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Local Attractions

With endless forests and over 3000 lakes in the county, nature activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting or the Swede’s favorite: mushroom picking, are never far away. We can help you arrange any of these activities.

If you are more geared towards pleasure and relaxation we recommend a visit to our sauna and the gentle touch of our SPA therapists.

The quaint village is worth a little stroll, with the wooden 1700th century church as the main attraction. At Måltidens Hus you can get guided tours, which include a visit to the cookbook museum where the oldest book is over 400 years old. http://www.maltidenshus.com/

Add 10 minutes to your stroll and you will end up at the beach by the lake. It might not be your average beach with sand and palm trees but a typical Scandinavian lakeside beach.

Hällefors, 10 km north of Grythyttan, houses the design museum Formens Hus with a permanent collection of industrially produced design items from the past 150 years. You can also visit their two original 50’s apartments, a must for anyone interested in 50’s design. http://www.formenshus.se/

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