Rooms & Suites Near Orebroc/o Grythyttans Inn


What were once private villas, the bank, the country store, the tailor are now part of our hotel. Our hotel is located in 22 buildings so it is no exaggeration to say that we are the village.

If you are a fan of patterned wallpaper this is the hotel for you. All of our rooms near Orebro are individually designed. On a recent inventory we counted 45 different wallpaper designs, then it all became a bit blurry and we lost track…

Our philosophy has always been to encourage our guests to stay up late in our parlors to chat with old friends and to make new acquaintances. That is why our hotel rooms and suites near Orebro do not come with TVs. There is however a TV room above the parlors. And we obviously do not miss out on any opportunities to get together for grand occasions. Major events are always eagerly followed on the big screen in our stable. Together with friends.

All of our rooms are equipped with iPod docking stations, and we have a DVD library and portable DVDs, should you want to watch a movie.

Well-behaved and well-groomed dogs (and cats) are always welcome at c/o Grythyttan Inn! Dogs are welcome in  in a wide selection of hotel rooms and they get to sleep over for 300 SEK per night.


Before the inn took over this house it used to be an old grocer’s shop. The enormous convenient stores and supermarkets we have today didn’t exist back then. Instead, you went to the merchant, who often conducted his business from behind a counter. This is were you will find all of our conference…


A wealthy businessman who operated a store, together with his wife, in the space that today constitutes the inn’s main building, dedicated this building to his sons-in-law and their families, keeping them at a decent distance but still close at hand.


When this house was renovated a small oval container was found behind a wall. Inside the container lay four cufflinks, a bottle of absinthe, and an aged love letter in German. The letter was from a German man, who worked at the mill but was forced to return to his homeland. And as the letter professed,…

State room (gemak)

Decorated with classical Scandinavian wallpapers and fabrics; these are our larger rooms with double beds and antique armchairs. Bathrooms with bathtubs.


This beautiful house, with its many Jugendstil details, used to be called “Tallberg’s” after its owner who worked at the slate mill. The building caught fire around 1979-1980 but fortunately the fire department was there in time to stop it. Perhaps it was Lena Gustavsson, one of Sweden’s first female…

Guest Room with double bed

Smaller double rooms with double bed; all individually decorated. Bathrooms with showers.


This building used to be the home of a savings bank and the village shop This is where the kitchen staff often came running when they needed to re-stock on ingredients before they aggravated the chef. In the beginning of the 50's, the house almost burned to the ground. The post-fire sale attracted many…

Guest Room with separate beds

Smaller double rooms with separate beds; all individually decorated. Bathrooms with showers.


This used to be the home of the village coppersmith. Nowadays we buy our pots and pans in shops and department stores, but in olden days they were, like most things back then, made by hand. Coppersmith’s, a very old occupation, became very busy in the late 18th century and onward after it was considered…

Guest room with single bed

Rooms with single beds in antique bed frames. Bathrooms with showers.


This house used to be a small farm, dating all the way back to 17th century when Grythyttan was recognized as a city by Queen Kristina. The locals clearly remember the farmhand Bernard who, in the middle of the 20th century, took care of the houses, animals, and eventually the widow of the house after…

Chamber Room

Back in the day when it all began all rooms at the Inn were equipped with beautiful hand crafted bunk beds in order to house as many guests as possible. Room 9 in the main building still has the original bunk bed. A perfect room for visiting best friends or children. Bathroom is equipped with shower.…

Main Building

Grythyttan and it´s establishment dates all the way back to 1640 when The Queen Kristina gave the village "city rights" (which were later revoked due to lack of silver which was was rumored in the village). Due to the excellent work from known villager Arthur Lindqvist together with the local history…


This is one of the oldest buildings in Grythyttan and can be traced back to the time when the village was officially a city. During a period of time the building had an upper floor. That’s where Nino lived, the shoemaker’s brother. After Nino passed away the upper floor was torn down and the house regained…


The Advent suite inspired by winter has a snow-white bedroom with king-size bed under a lace canopy, a living room furnished with antiques, a large dressing room and a bathroom with a bathtub. The Easter suite is inspired by spring and has a beautiful bedroom with a flower and bird patterned wallpaper,…

Double Room

We have double rooms of all sorts, queen, twin, separate, alcoves; we even have a room with a 1700-century style bunk bed. That used to be the standard here as space was limited and the royal orders to be able to house as many guests as possible were strict. It might not be our most romantic room but…

Single Room

Our single rooms have antique wooden beds, beautiful wallpaper and small bathrooms.
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