Rooms & Suites Near Orebroc/o Grythyttans Inn




This used to be the home of the village coppersmith. Nowadays we buy our pots and pans in shops and department stores, but in olden days they were, like most things back then, made by hand. Coppersmith’s, a very old occupation, became very busy in the late 18th century and onward after it was considered a status symbol to have many different pots and pans. Besides creating new kettles and thin-plate old ones, one of the coppersmith’s main duties was to create stills for producing alcohol.

Well, how do you describe the hotel rooms in this house. They range from somewhat classic to outright over the top. Room 35 is an explosion of different flowers and all the wooden details are painted in matching pink, the brass bed and Jacuzzi makes it feel like you have traveled back to the 80’s and entered Sue Ellen’s room on Southfork. We recommend that you just embrace the full splendor of the room and let your thoughts wander…

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