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Staying at a luxury palace near Stockholm is never mundane, especially not at c/o Häringe Palace. Day or night, rain or shine, there is always something to enjoy at our 4 star hotel just outside Stockholm:


Our open air pool is in the center of the Palace park, surrounded by the stone walls and the romantic rotunda. When the pool was constructed, in the 30’s, it was actually Sweden’s first outdoor, Olympic size pool. Torsten Kreuger, the owner, was so delighted with the pool that he had a slide built, coming down from his bathroom window straight into the pool! Unfortunately, Marguerite Wenner-Gren, the next owner, did not have the same sense of humour and tare it down.

Today, the pool is much appreciated by the Palace’s guests and visitors who uses it for a morning swim or hangs around for a whole day accompanied by glossy magazines.


This special wood-heated sauna has a gap in the floor where you can jump straight into the lake & reappear in the sauna! It's capacity of up to 12 people makes it perfect for the couple or smaller group to enjoy.

For leisure guests, prices start at 125 SEK per hour. Prices for corporate guests start at 1250 SEK per hour (incl. VAT). Towels are free of charge.


We offer body treatments on Saturdays – please book you treatment ahead of arrival. Our massage and skin therapists perform relaxing and skin refining treatments that makes wonders for your outer and inner self. Please call us on +46 8 400 523 10 for reservations and more information.


Play tennis or boule on our own courts, a game of croquet is a classic and – as not so many know – there is Sweden's oldest functioning indoor bowling alley in its original state. The surroundings consist of a peninsula and a nature reserve with fantastic tracks for running and romantic walks, all year round. But you really don’t need to leave the Palace grounds; around the Palace are numerous exciting statues and graves to look at. If you are into yoga the apple garden and the jetty are close at hand.


Well-behaved and well-groomed dogs (and cats) are always welcome at all c/o Hotels! Dogs are welcome in at least one lobby/salon at each hotel as well as in a wide selection of hotel rooms.

They are even welcome in some of our dining rooms, so that you can enjoy your meals together just like you would have done at home. Our celebrated chefs have created a special woof menu with delicious dog treats.

Room rates for dogs are 300 SEK per night.


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