Palace Accommodation at c/o Häringe Slott Hotel Near Stockholm


East Wing

East Wing

This is where Wenner-Gren’s staff used to live. Head waiter Carlsson and estate manager Beronius managed the palace, the estate and the staff with gentle hands. Even though the Wenner-Gren’s stayed at the palace for a few moths of the year, it was fully staffed all year round. What happened here while the hosts were away, we can only imagine…

In the Eastern Wing there are double and single rooms, overlooking the pond and the burial ground?! Yes it is a little bit odd but the Wenner-Grens are buried here (only possible by bribing someone as it is against Swedish law). Together with Margeruite’s sister Gene Gauntier, the famous silent movie star, they rest under a burial stone that resembles a viking rune stone that Axel picked out himself in the forest near by.

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