Palace Accommodation at c/o Häringe Slott Hotel Near Stockholm


Ljungberg’s House

Ljungberg’s House

It is not by accident that the Ljungberg house contains a fully renovated meeting and conference facility. For generations the Ljungbergs have been a fearless entrepreneurial family. They have founded numerous different companies and hence the need for a place to hold business meetings.

The family bought Häringe in 1999 and today Jenny Ljungberg, now the sole proprietor of c/o Hotels, owns the palace. In addition to a commitment to the Slow Food movement, and caring for its people and the environment, c/o Hotels is known to maintain a strong individual identity at each of its hotels.

The lounge furniture and the art in the Ljungberg House come from one of Jenny Ljungberg’s earlier projects, the legendary Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm, which was “the place” for people in the world of art and music for over 10 years.

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