Weddings at c/o Häringe Slott


Who wouldn’t want to have a big huge pompous wedding at a Palace? We’ve hosted plenty of magnificent weddings over the years – with lavish cocktails on the terrace, poolside wedding cake, dinners for hundreds of guests indoors, outdoors & what not. And then there are also those time-honored traditions we like to recommend, like dancing in the parlors or taking midnight dips in the sea. These are perfect for more petite wedding parties too, in case you’re looking to celebrate on a slightly smaller scale.

With the risk of sounding pompous, we would like to state that c/o Häringe Palace is one of the most elegant wedding venues around Stockholm and in the whole of Sweden. And it has been for centuries.

Since the Palace was turned into a hotel some 30 years ago, over 600 couples have celebrated their wedding here. So it is fair to say that we have great experience in arranging weddings of all sorts. Contact our wedding planner at [email protected] to find out more.

Lots of the wedding images on our website are taken by our favorite wedding photographer, Kicki. We recommend contacting her, should you be in need of such fabulous wedding photos too.


The menu for your special dinner party is decided by you together with our food & wine experts at the Palace. We know our food, wine, wedding cakes & cocktails and are happy to put together the perfect experience.

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