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West Wing

West Wing

The Western Wing in front of the palace is the former residence of Wenner-Gren’s private secretary Brita von Heidenstam-Frisk. Her father was the head chamberlain to the Swedish king. Brita and her brother went to the royal private school with the three princes as their only classmates. Many adventures and three husbands later she lived here with her two children for many years, until she met her fourth husband and moved to Geneva.

The Western Wing has recently undergone a major transformation and now consists out of five new rooms in various extravagant styles. The decor is inspired by some of the castle's former co-workers from past times - all with sparkling personalities.

As usual when it comes to design at c/o Hotels, the new rooms are all executed in an eclectic fashion, with bathtubs in the middle of the rooms, luxurious wallpaper and textiles and exclusive photo art everywhere. We’ve also restored some of the vintage furniture from the Palace’s attic – we call our style Scandinavian Cozy.

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