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There is plenty to do when visiting our 4 star hotel near Stockholm but, really, we excel in the art of relaxation.

What could be better than a morning bath in the lake or reading a book in the shade of an oak tree? And if you seek an even deeper calm, we recommend yoga by the beach or a fabulous spa treatment.


At our place, the entire family can enjoy invigorating spa treatments. Treat yourselves to the softest feet, beautifully well groomed hands and nails and relaxed muscles. Your spa treatment is performed by experienced therapists, who take good care of you and your loved ones while staying with us. Take a look at the treatment menu and find your favourite!


This special wood-heated sauna has a gap in the floor where you can jump straight into the lake & reappear in the sauna! It's capacity of up to 12 people makes it perfect for the couple or smaller group to enjoy. 
For leisure guests, prices start at 500 SEK for 50 minutes. Parties of more than 2 persons pay an additional 200 SEK/person for 50 minutes.
Prices for corporate guests start at 2500 SEK for 50 minutes (excl. VAT).
Towels are free of charge, slippers & dressing gowns can be purchased in advance.


Well-behaved and well-groomed dogs (and cats) are always welcome at all c/o Hotels! Dogs are welcome in at least one lobby/salon at each hotel as well as in a wide selection of hotel rooms.

They are even welcome in some of our dining rooms, so that you can enjoy your meals together just like you would have done at home. Our celebrated chefs have created a special woof menu with delicious dog treats.

Room rates for dogs are 300 SEK per night.


We love kids as well! AT c/o Krägga Herrgård, we embrace the Slow Food spirit where kids are one part of the family and should be treated with the same respect as grown ups.

One way of respecting children is to give them proper food, at our restaurants we will serve the same food to children as we do to grown ups, but in smaller portions.

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