Fine Dining & Slow Food at c/o The Maidstone Long Island, New York


At c/o The Maidstone & The Living room restaurant we try to bring as many local ingredients as possible to all meals we are serving - from breakfast to dinner. Some seasons it is easier and other it’s harder. We actually have a lovely herb garden that gives us most of the herbs and other greens we are using. Also, we are strongly devoted to the Slow Food philosophy, which believes everyone has the right to good, clean, and fair food.

In our menu section you will find some typical Swedish dishes such as Löjrom from Kalix, Swedish meatballs with classic condiments like cream gravy, lingonberries, and pickled cucumber and potato puree in the winter and “new potato” as soon as that is available. But our Chef de Cuisine Mathias Brogie doesn’t only make Swedish food, we would say that we are a Modern American restaurant with Scandinavian/Nordic influence.

Mathias and his chefs brings a lot of creativity and love to the food we're serving and we love seeing guests coming back to experience more of our cuisine.

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