History of c/o Villa Mälargården


This used to be a rather populated area as all the surrounding palaces and mansions had numerous staff. There were superintendents, book keepers, foremen, cooks, milk maids, cow hands, dairy girls, saddle makers, gardeners, drivers… Ådö palace even had its own soccer team in the 1940’s. Then there were of course plenty of children.

These children attended one of the three schools of which c/o Villa Mälargården was one. It was built in 1896 and our conference room is where they use to do gymnastics and our kitchen was their the wood work room. The school closed in 1964, and was leased out to various businesses until it was turned into a hotel in 1976.

In 1987, the Ljungberg family bought c/o Villa Mälargården and c/o Tammsvik Herrgård that are now part of the exclusive chain of historical hotels called c/o Hotels.

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