Facilities at 4 Star c/o Tammsvik Mansion Hotels Near Stockholm


Swimming pool, running trail, jetty in the lake, conoes, obstacle course, ping pong and bike tours. Or just relax in the hanging chairs in the Conservatory. We’re not obsessive fitness gurus. We just believe that if you don’t sit still all day, you’ll come up with more creative ideas and solutions to your challenges. That’s why we offer so many different activities for your meeting. We hope to see you and your company here soon!


Start or end your busy day with some laps in the indoor pool, in the saunas or in the jacuzzi. There's even a little indoor beach - perfect for a rainy day.


Swim in lake Mälaren, run in the forest, arrange a competition on the obstacle course or hit the beach volleyball court! For those looking for something more tranquil, we recommend a game of boule. With or without rosé wine and Pastis!


    Well-behaved and well-groomed dogs (and cats) are always welcome at all c/o Hotels! Dogs are welcome in at least one lobby/salon at each hotel as well as in a wide selection of hotel rooms.

    They are even welcome in some of our dining rooms, so that you can enjoy your meals together just like you would have done at home. Our celebrated chefs have created a special woof menu with delicious dog treats.

    Room rates for dogs are 300 SEK per night.

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    Kick off, company dinner, active meeting or a few hours with the board? c/o Tammsvik Mansion near Stockholm is an excellent choice for your meeting or conference. We hope to see you and your company here soon! 

    For inquiries, please contact us via our contact form.