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Åke Ljungberg


Åke Ljungberg started his career within the firm by being part of the construction of “Ölandsbron”. And that was just the beginning:


  • First project: the construction of an office and apartment complex in Stockholm in 1972.
  • Replaced his father as CEO in 1983.
  • Took the company public as LjungbergGruppen (which merged and became AtriumLjungberg in 2007) and increased its turnover ten times.
  • He leveraged his risk prone behavior as well as generous capital markets and expanded the business through involvements in hotels, restaurants, boats, bridges, planes, ferries and oil rigs in addition to the core business of real estate development.
  • He globalized the company with its first international subsidiary in the US in 1987.


Åke now lives in Danderyd in the villa he himself built for his family in 1975.

  • “Jag fångar fåglar i flykten. ”

    Åke Ljungberg
  • “When in doubt, always use duct tape. ”

    Åke Ljungberg

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