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Jenny Ljungberg is a third generation entrepreneur.

Grandfather Tage founded the family company, father Ã…ke globally expanded and Jenny took on the hotel business.

Jenny Ljungberg is a third generation entrepreneur with a passion for lifestyle living. Born in Stockholm and educated in Brussels and New York, she is a global citizen with the ambition and mission to create unique lifestyle hotels in both popular and unexplored destinations all over the world. Since the 1940's, when her grandfather Tage built his first villa, the core business of the Ljungberg family has been property development and management. The family has a longstanding history of restoring or recreating properties they love, preserving them for future generations to enjoy.


There are several hotel properties within the family’s portfolio. Jenny’s passion for preserving historic buildings, especially those which have had eccentric owners, her genuine interest in the hotel industry, and flair for combining the old with the new, all led Jenny to launch c/o Hotels and bring her family’s hotel business to a new level. She has a solid experience in the hotel industry after almost 20 years in the business.


Jenny has been the Proud Owner and Creative Director of c/o Hotels since 1997. When you spot Jenny at any of her hotels, she’ll likely be trailed by her dog, Lexington. She splits her time between Stockholm, New York, the Hamptons and Los Angeles and is constantly on the lookout for c/o Hotels’ next venture.