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The Living Room Restaurant




We believe that good food takes time. We do our utmost to follow the Slow Food movement’s principles and whenever we can, we prioritize the use of organic, locally sourced and seasonally appropriate ingredients. Think farmer’s markets and mushroom hunting, rather than FedEx’ed fish from across the planet. Eating should be an exciting, educational and earth-friendly experience that stimulates the senses.


Our restaurants are comfortable, easy and utterly suave. 'The Living Room Restarant' seems to be the right name for the concept, where you can eat while seated in Scandinavian designer arm chairs, on sofas by the fireplace, at a bar counter, or if you wish to be conventional, at a proper dining room table. What we spare in stiffness, we do not spare in sophistication - cotton napkins, white table cloths and adequately shaped glasses will accompany your every meal.

Champagne. Cocktails. Extravagance.

Always at c/o Hotels.

“The striking good looks of the Living Room break the mold of the pale, airy Hamptons restaurant.”

- The New York Times