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We have always honoured every reason to throw a spectacular party. Each opportunity - jubilees, public holidays, anniversaries – is celebrated. The biggest Swedish holiday of them all, Midsummer, has always been no exception. The staff, guests, and villagers set out early in the morning to pick flowers for the enormous maypole that was later raised in the garden.

On Midsummer, Folk musicians are always playing, the ring dance is more exhausting then an aerobics class, and everyone cools off with a refreshing, vodka-infused, elder blossom granita.

The women who wanted to dream about their future true love met at dusk and picked, under complete silence, seven kinds of flowers that were placed under the pillow - an old Swedish tradition that is still followed today.


c/o Hotels takes immense care in converting historic landmarks into unique destinations. Each one of our hotels combines classical ambience with modern convenience. No two properties and no two rooms are ever alike. Each property is designed to offer a completely unique and authentic experience. We operate a variety of international properties, ranging from c/o The Maidstone in the Hamptons to the 17th century Häringe Palace in Stockholm, Sweden.
Wherever you see our name worldwide, you can expect sophistication, creativity and the utmost respect for nature and our fellow human beings.