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The inn at Grythyttan was established in 1640 when Queen Kristina upgraded Grythyttan from a town to a city, (which gave Grythyttan more privileges) in hopes of benefiting from the silver thought to be in the town’s mines. She quickly revoked the title when none was found.

For centuries, travellers came here for food and hospitality. The inn played a central role in the village and built a good reputation that stretched beyond the borders of Sweden. But then, in 1878, the railroad came to town. A modern hotel was built and the inn was left in the background. It eventually shut down as a hotel. The old rooms were turned into rental apartments for the incoming craftsmen and businessmen, and then later occupied by Finnish refugees and single mothers.


As founder and creative director of the international c/o Hotels, Jenny is uniquely positioned to share her principle passions: hospitality and artful living. Born in Sweden and educated in Belgium and the States, her outlook is global.

Always innovating, Jenny was one of the first Scandinavian hoteliers to introduce the slow food philosophy into her kitchens, a move reflective of her commitment to sustainable business practices. Jenny's latest project is the addition of c/o The Maidstone in East Hampton, NY. This opening marks the U.S. debut of her distinctive approach to hospitality.

Splitting her time between the c/o Hotels properties, Jenny and her faithful friends, Butler and Lexington, are a familiar sight.

Read more about Jenny and what inspires her, as she shares her thoughts and ideas on Jenny's Blog