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The Ljungberg family bought parts of the company in 1997, but today it’s Jenny Ljungberg who has taken over the inn and incorporated it into her hotel chain, c/o Hotels. c/o is a name that symbolizes the importance of guests feeling at home, no matter where in the world they happen to be. Much like Jenny herself, who has the remarkable ability to feel at home wherever she travels. Both Grythyttan and the other destinations in the c/o Hotels chain are transfused with Jenny Ljungberg’s philosophy of holistic thinking, ‘Slow Food’, and social responsibility towards the environment, co-workers and guests.

Greener Hotels

For us, food is a pleasure to be savored, and every meal is an interaction with nature. For these reasons our chefs seek to maximize the c/o culinary experience by adhering to the standards of the slow food movement, which prioritizes the use of organic, locally sourced, seasonally appropriate ingredients. Think farmers’ markets and funghi hunting rather than FedEx’ed fish and frozen vegetables.

Eating shouldn’t be an act of instant gratification, in our opinion. What it should be is an exciting, educational, and earth-friendly experience that stimulates the senses.