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Throughout the centuries, many artisans have lived in the houses on Prästgatan, among them a couple of saddle makers. One of them, NubbeNilsson, had his workshop where the reception desk is today. The saddle maker manufactured saddles, harnesses, saddleries, bags and briefcases for the local horses and villagers.

The profession requires accuracy and plenty of patience. Over time many practitioners became cross-eyed and hunched due to sitting and working in badly lit environments. NubbeNillson was half blind, suffered from severe moodiness and had real Walloon blood in his veins. This was no surprise since, in the beginning of the 1620’s, many Walloons came to Sweden, encouraged by King Gustav II Adolf, to work in and around the mills. One of them was NubbeNilsson’s ancestor, who first arrived at the mill in Gimo.

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A stay at c/o Grythyttans Gästgivaregård is an immersion in almost 400 years of Swedish history, and a rejuvenating reprieve from urban bustle. (Stockholm is 270 kilometers away.) The inn was originally commissioned by Queen Kristina in 1640 to house travelers along a 17th century mining road cut through the surrounding forest, and is suitably steeped in time-honored traditions, including Swedish cuisine. Food is nothing short of a passion at c/o Grythyttans Gästgivaregård, where the kitchen is home to several members of Sweden’s Culinary Olympics team. And because food is best enjoyed with drink, Grythyttan boasts an extensive wine cellar, an atmospheric, candlelit home to over 7,000 bottles.

From the standard chambre to our largest suite, we have expended the utmost effort to ensure that each of our 60 rooms is tastefully distinguished from the next. And those with business to conduct will appreciate our conference facilities, which can cater to up to one hundred. Whether the goal is working or simply relaxing, c/o Grythyttans Gästgivaregård is an idyllic rustic retreat.