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For most people, the adjective “palatial” conjures an imposing and impersonal space. Not so at c/o Häringe Slott, c/o Hotels’ 17th century palace just outside of Stockholm, located in the middle of a nature reserve. Though the property is certainly luxurious in its appointments, our goal is to minimize haughtiness and maximize happiness.

Built by Count Gustav Horn in 1657, the Häringe palace has hosted luminaries ranging from the divine jazz singer Josephine Baker to the infamous match sticks maker Ivar Kreuger—both of whom have namesake suites in the palace. There are more than 70 additional rooms to choose from, some of which overlook the outdoor pool, Sweden’s first.

Sustenance comes from our kitchen and its slow food specialists whose creations have fueled countless games of boules in the palace’s apple orchard, and more than a few frames in the 1930s bowling hall. Those with more tranquil ambitions can take afternoon tea in the various salons of the palace.

At c/o Häringe Slott, life is simply sumptuous.